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The Eleventh Plague


The Fibonacci poetic form plays with syllables, following the mathematical “Fibonacci Sequence.”  1,1,2,3,5,8, etc.  I enjoy playing with this form, sometimes letting the lines increase and then shrink back down again.  Which is no excuse for what follows…

Dedicated to anyone who has ever read to an empty room and wondered “is it me?”


The Eleventh Plague

looking smug
leaving Mount Sinai
with a sheaf of papers, shouting
My people! God has given me this brand new chapbook!
Everyone shuddered: Not again!
His poetry stank
but no one
dared tell



How I lost the Nobel Prize


I invented a brand-new medical
procedure, tentatively christened as
the nasal-scrotal swappy-ectomy,

a completely life-changing surgery
for an as-yet unidentified group
of sufferers scattered across the globe.

The first guy we tried it on did just great
until someone at church said: “The milk’s off.
Give it a sniff and tell me what you think.”

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