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The Education of Average Joe

The Education of Average Joe cover

It’s exciting to have my new chapbook in hand.  “The Education of Average Joe” pulls together forty poems from the last twelve months.  They range from serious to silly, with a bunch of love poems and the-other-side-of-love poems thrown in for good measure.  I’m very pleased with how the project turned out.  I’ve done a limited run of 100, hand-numbered copies.  If you’d like to get hold of one, or if you just want to know more, check out the video below, or go to this page on my website.






That year it was spring forever
so that when we stood in the
water meadows all around us
was white, bursting with possibility.

And if I could be there again, today,
I would lift you in the June breeze,
and breathe until the air was filled
with love, and hope, without regret.


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