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One of my best childhood memories is of my dad buying flowers for my mother.  He loved to do it.  He taught me many things with his words, but some things he simply taught by his actions.  Thanks, dad, you old romantic…

written for Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides.



I brought you roses from the street seller
at the corner of archway road just like
my dad used to buy flowers for my mum

always to mark a special occasion
sometimes for absolutely no reason
except that she loved fragrance and colour

and maybe I’m hoping you are like her
though I don’t realize it yet, maybe
I’m just trying to be as good as him



early birds


early birds

it is morning now, at least
according to the schedule roughly
tacked behind the service desk

seven birds nesting in the half-lit
letters K and O peer down as if
measuring me for something

inside, they are changing the price
tags so that I can’t tell if I am coming
or going let alone count the cost

in the bakery I ask if they have
garlic bread yet and Ava who is old
enough to be my mother yells at me

that I should make it myself but I just grin
and yell back that the night shift are a bunch
of slackers and suddenly we are friends

the only cart I can find keeps shocking
me but the checkout girl just shrugs
and says yeah some of them do that

at five a.m. this store is a wilderness,
fluid and fierce and fresh, and how I
love to scratch among these early birds


a little word picture to share with friends over at the dVerse Poet’s Pub.

answers like socks – celebration sale

Andrew Kreider: Answers Like Socks

Time to party!  To celebrate the 200th post on this blog, I’m offering a special deal on the download of “answers like socks”.  If you go to CD Baby, you can get the whole album for only $2!
“answers like socks” is my favorite creative project of any I have worked on.  I designed it to run like a radio show, with words and music interspersed.  The recording is about 45 minutes long, broken into tracks like a regular album.  Lots of poetry, of course, plus four original songs and a bunch of interlude buttons.  What’s not to love?!

Check it out.  If you like it, let your friends know – this is an offer for anyone to enjoy.  Thanks for being there for me on this blog.  And here’s to the next 200 posts!

A vegetable fable

This summer, I’ve had the chance to do some “lightning poetry” on the streets of Elkhart.  During the July ArtWalk, I was given a strategic spot on Main Street, from which I would accost passers-by and ask if they had one minute to listen to a poem.  If they said yes, I gave them a choice: silly or serious, and would then select a poem for them from one of two folders, based on that preference.   It was amazing to see people’s reactions.  Some ignored me, or even told me to leave them alone – made me feel like a street evangelist, which I sort of was, I suppose.  But others were delighted to be approached and listened/responded with enthusiasm.  The highlight for me was the two burly biker dudes who asked for a serious poem and then engaged me in conversation about the meaning of life.  Priceless.

Anyway, the most popular poem of the day was a silly one that re-tells the Cinderella story using vegetables.  Here it is – imagine you’re on a street corner as I read it to you…


A vegetable-fable

Cinderella was a Brussels sprout
the kind of snack you only think about
occasionally, like when the cupboard’s bare
or Christmas guests appear from who-knows-where
and you are caught short-handed.

Her sisters were the prize zucchinis,
tightly stuffed in mink bikinis
tanning on the castle lawn
while Cinders worked till dusk from dawn
doing the jobs that she was handed.

But then Prince Charming, that great star fruit, paid a call
and planted the idea of a ball.
The bully-girls thought they’d be most appealing
They had no idea they’d be dealing
with their sister, who, to be candid,

was more delicious to the eye
than they. They were left alone to cry
like onions when she stole the prince and left a clue
at midnight – with a single crystal shoe
the heart-sore lover-boy was handed.

The story ends, as all good meals do,
With sweetness to top off this most romantic stew.
Our heroine delicious, ripe and pure
Outlasted both her sisters, rotten to the core
At least, that’s how I’m told this fruit-and-veggie fairy tale ended…


Video: Live at b on the River!

On Friday night, I had the privilege of sharing the stage with singer-songwriter Jonathan Reuel.  We did a combined poetry/music show to a full house at Elkhart’s b on the River.  Here’s a video clip of me performing three poems – note the very natty Penguin Poet t-shirt…

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