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early birds


early birds

it is morning now, at least
according to the schedule roughly
tacked behind the service desk

seven birds nesting in the half-lit
letters K and O peer down as if
measuring me for something

inside, they are changing the price
tags so that I can’t tell if I am coming
or going let alone count the cost

in the bakery I ask if they have
garlic bread yet and Ava who is old
enough to be my mother yells at me

that I should make it myself but I just grin
and yell back that the night shift are a bunch
of slackers and suddenly we are friends

the only cart I can find keeps shocking
me but the checkout girl just shrugs
and says yeah some of them do that

at five a.m. this store is a wilderness,
fluid and fierce and fresh, and how I
love to scratch among these early birds


a little word picture to share with friends over at the dVerse Poet’s Pub.


To a certain bird

A rush of silver
Was your final gift to me.
Then awful silence.
On the step, your eyes slid shut
As my heart begged you to stay.

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