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Fergie’s Wake

This season, I’ve been watching developments at Manchester United with amazement.  They say you should never follow a legend, and this seems to have held true for David Moyes, brought in as the hand-picked successor to Sir Alex Ferguson.  According to press reports today, Moyes is on the chopping block after his aging side has been found out in high-profile match after match.  Here’s a short piece dedicated to those destined to fail, and the music of footballing nicknames.


Fergie’s Wake

So maybe he wasn’t the chosen one,
running around after a legend
with scarcely enough paper for the cracks.
The experiment went off in curious rhyme.

Fergie wanted Moyesy, and Moyesy
bought Fellaini – partly to replace Scholesy –
but it was a waste of money. Up front van Persie
was a shadow, and no one heard from Rooney.

And now they’ve lost to Stevie G,
it’s curtains – time for Giggsy.
He’ll go back to basics, set the rhythm,
put the world back how it’s supposed to be.



The most important day of your life – VIDEO

Video from a recent performance – the World Cup wedding epic: “The most important day of your life.”  Enjoy

Passion wagon

(Hey, the lockout is over – here’s a villanelle for the NFL – for friends over at dVerse, a great site to check out if you haven’t already.)

You wonder what it is I’m thinking of
As we are locking lips here in the car?
I have to say my heart is filled with love

For all creation – the bee, the wood dove
And giant men in spandex near and far.
You wonder what it is I’m thinking of

As you fumble with the seatbelt and shove
Me backwards, inflicting the biggest scar
I have? To say my heart is filled with love

For you is true, but it is not enough.
You know how my libido seems sub-par?
You wonder what it is? I’m thinking of

Owners and players standing hand in glove
Proclaiming peace like buddies in a bar.
I have to say my heart is filled with love

For you, but mostly ‘cause you’re splayed above
Me like you caught a touchdown from Bart Starr.
You wonder what it is I’m thinking of?
I have to say, my heart is filled with love.

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