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Fergie’s Wake

This season, I’ve been watching developments at Manchester United with amazement.  They say you should never follow a legend, and this seems to have held true for David Moyes, brought in as the hand-picked successor to Sir Alex Ferguson.  According to press reports today, Moyes is on the chopping block after his aging side has been found out in high-profile match after match.  Here’s a short piece dedicated to those destined to fail, and the music of footballing nicknames.


Fergie’s Wake

So maybe he wasn’t the chosen one,
running around after a legend
with scarcely enough paper for the cracks.
The experiment went off in curious rhyme.

Fergie wanted Moyesy, and Moyesy
bought Fellaini – partly to replace Scholesy –
but it was a waste of money. Up front van Persie
was a shadow, and no one heard from Rooney.

And now they’ve lost to Stevie G,
it’s curtains – time for Giggsy.
He’ll go back to basics, set the rhythm,
put the world back how it’s supposed to be.


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