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Alas, poor Robin!

Now that The Avengers is a smash hit, spare a thought for the other superheroes – that second tier of hard-working women and men in tight-fit halloween costumes who didn’t quite make the cut.  I’m thinking in particular of one young lad in a skimpy sleep mask, with a modest letter R on his tunic, who was given the corniest lines of any crime fighting star on 60s TV (“Catwoman, you are not a nice person!” anyone?).  And still we loved him.  Adam West, this monchielle is for you.


Alas, poor Robin!

I didn’t want to be
a sidekick on this show.
I can’t imagine who
would take this role unless
their agent told them to.

I didn’t want to be
remembered for the way
I looked in yellow tights
with cartoon words like “zonk!”
appearing during fights.

I didn’t want to be
stuck riding shotgun with
a guy dressed like a bat,
smacking my gloved fist to
say “Holy this-or-that!”

I didn’t want to be
Boy Wonder, I thought I’d
play Hamlet. But now when
this TV gig is up,
I’ll never act again…



For friends over at the dVerse Poets Pub.

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