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One of my best childhood memories is of my dad buying flowers for my mother.  He loved to do it.  He taught me many things with his words, but some things he simply taught by his actions.  Thanks, dad, you old romantic…

written for Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides.



I brought you roses from the street seller
at the corner of archway road just like
my dad used to buy flowers for my mum

always to mark a special occasion
sometimes for absolutely no reason
except that she loved fragrance and colour

and maybe I’m hoping you are like her
though I don’t realize it yet, maybe
I’m just trying to be as good as him


Video: Live at b on the River!

On Friday night, I had the privilege of sharing the stage with singer-songwriter Jonathan Reuel.  We did a combined poetry/music show to a full house at Elkhart’s b on the River.  Here’s a video clip of me performing three poems – note the very natty Penguin Poet t-shirt…



…for those struggling with the demons they hold close.


forgive her if
you feel excluded

her hands cradling
something awful, unnamed

she is terrified
of the innocence

that chose her
imagining the hurt

that would ravage
your beautiful life

if she relaxed
even one finger



Getting ready for a jazz gig this last weekend, I was surfing YouTube for versions of the old song “Making Whoopie.”  It wasn’t long before I found my way to that incredible New Year’s Eve scene from The Fabulous Baker Boys, with Michelle Pfeiffer performing the song on top of a grand piano while Jeff Bridges plays the accompaniment down below without ever looking up (until the end).  Stunning!  And very sexy.

So… in honor of Ms. Pfeiffer:



If I could, I would be
that piano, the polished
black mirror on which
you spin and flirt, scarlet
flame descending like a
red flag of challenge,
a demand of surrender
to all that the mind
can conjure if only
one could breathe in here.
I would be the smooth sable
bed on which you shake out
those long blond tresses
resting your head in a sultry
semi-colon just above the
questing hands of the man
who refuses to look up.
I would be the deep dark
joy enveloping your fabulous
red dress, the scarlet tease
in which you somehow refrain
from spilling all your secrets.
I would be the ebony, and the
ivory, on which you place one
outrageous blood-boiling
stiletto as you corkscrew
down to the bench, great
diamond clusters flashing
in the low spotlights, until
you rest your bare neck
against the willing quarry
you have trapped, your
head thrown back, lost
in this smoldering haze
of time and desire.
I would be the quivering
sound board, yielded
entirely to your voice,
thrilling to the midnight
promise of red and black.


To share with friends at the fabulous dVerse Poets Pub.

What if….?

I wrote this song a couple of years ago, and included it in my 2011 chapbook “answers like socks.”  The video has my performance of the song, together with photos taken in Nova Scotia and right here in Elkhart, Indiana.  The double rainbow is not a fake!  This heartfelt post goes out with love and with sorrow.  And with a lot of hope.

I am a lonely Jonah
Running from the word of God
I got swallowed by a whale for
All the junk I’ve handed on.

I washed up on the seashore
Where I saw the ones we’ve bound
In a trail of lonely exiles
Off the road for being found

What if everything was different
What if all that I had told you was wrong?

What if grace was never rationed
What if love was never dammed
Turning all our anxious grasping
From a fist to an open hand

What if everything was different
What if all that I had told you was wrong?

It’s easy when you’re younger
To save your soul by casting stones
Someday that cupboard will swing open
You’re gonna meet those laughing bones

What if everything was different
What if all that I had told you was wrong?

There’s a stirring in my spirit
I’ve got hope for what I see
Cause even stumbling love casts out fear
And the truth is gonna set us free

What if Jesus wore a rainbow
What if God wiped out the line
What if Christians asked forgiveness
From the ones we’ve left behind.

What if everything was different
What if all that I had told you was wrong?

What if Jesus wore a rainbow
For the ones we’ve left behind.


The Summer of Love,
I bit my baby-sitter.
She was beautiful.


The most important day of your life – VIDEO

Video from a recent performance – the World Cup wedding epic: “The most important day of your life.”  Enjoy
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