Liebster Blog Awards

This week, I was pleased to receive a Liebster Blog Award, courtesy of fellow poet and blogger Sara Vinas.  I’m grateful for her kind words on my work, and I have to say the admiration flows her direction as well!  If you haven’t met Sara before, I recommend you stop by her wonderful blog Cracker Jack Poet.

The purpose of the Liebster Blog Award is to put the spotlight on small blogs.  Each blogger who receives the award has the chance to pass the honor along to several others.  So, for this reason, I am happy to give my awards to:

  • Awakened Words  Mark Windham, a gifted writer and wrangler of words, always worth a visit.
  • I Hate Poetry  Buddah Moskowitz is a rare gem, NEVER boring, and always worth a visit.  I love his work.
  • One Inch Tall  Catherine makes me laugh, cry, think, and regularly just say “wow.”
  • Drift of Bubbles  A true creative – Diana has more hobbies and interests than I have keys on this keyboard, and she brings her breadth of experience and trademark wit to all her work.
  • Story Barn  Nina has the double-gift of writer and photographer, and she has combined both in a fascinating and eye-catching blog telling the stories of barns in lower Michigan.  There’s more stories to tell yet, Nina!

To those I have named above, I hasten to say there is no obligation to continue the chain of awards!  So if this isn’t your thing, don’t worry.  However, if you choose to pass this along, here are the guidelines:
1. Thank the one who nominated you by linking back
2. Nominate three to five blogs with fewer than 200 followers
3. Let your nominees know by leaving a comment on their sites
4. Add the award image to your site

Happy reading, all!


About Andrew Kreider

I'm a poet and musician,transplanted from London, England to beautiful northern Indiana. By day I am a stay-at-home dad with our three kids while my amazingly talented spouse conquers medical school one long shift at a time. At night, I'm a performer and trouble-maker. I love my life.

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  1. Me? Honored!! You? Kindness itself. ^_^

  2. I’m coming by way of MNINB – beginning to sound like a broken record as I’m making my way through the blog list and commenting on everyone’s blog. I’m not a poet, but it appears you have some lovely poems… and I can’t believe that a lot of you MNINBers are also doing NB’s poem challenge. How could you possibly? My head is still spinning from the April Platform Challenge.

    • LOL! I TOLD you (on Buddah’s blog) that I was coming for you next! :-))

      Have been enjoying reading your poems — and seeing your video performances — for quite a while now, Andrew, so I thought of you when I was “nominated” for a Liebster Blog Award. Wanted to pass on the friendly recognition and share some cyber-cupcakes. I know you’ve seen them before, but am hoping you’ll enjoy them anyway. 🙂 (Details — though you already know them — can be viewed here on my blog: NOTE: I added an additional comment for recipients of multiple Liebsters — such as yourself! 😉

    • Thanks for stopping by, Lynn. And congratulations on making it through April. Hope your writing platform has gone from strength to strength!


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