Never skip breakfast…

 (a villanelle)

How many animals are there
Teeming before my hungry eyes?
By this point, I don’t even care.

Just cause I’m single, it’s not fair
To choose me. Don’t you realize
How many animals are THERE?

All I’ve done, all day, is to stare,
Then name each beast. I can’t disguise
By this point I don’t care

If the names make sense. I might dare
To skip some! Tell me, O Most-Wise:
How many animals are there

That I can grill medium-rare?
Names can wait! Just serve ‘em with fries.
By this point I don’t even care.

There’s only so much I can bear
Before I start to fantasize.
How many animals are there?
By this point I don’t even care.

To share with friends over at the marvelous dVerse Poets Pub.


About Andrew Kreider

I'm a poet and musician,transplanted from London, England to beautiful northern Indiana. By day I am a stay-at-home dad with our three kids while my amazingly talented spouse conquers medical school one long shift at a time. At night, I'm a performer and trouble-maker. I love my life.

13 responses »

  1. Well done with this form of poetry

  2. Nice poetry form… I enjoyed your fun write today.

  3. Is your name Adam? Yes! (just saw the label). Really fun poem.

  4. Love this villanelle, Adam.~laurie

  5. great bit a humor to this one. the villanelle is a fun form for me.

  6. haha fun pic and poem, nicely done!

  7. hahaha i can so see adam feeling this way after so many animals…fun play…

  8. One of the most unique and creative uses of the villanelle form I've read–I always associate it with a mournful, not unpleasant dirge-iness, but here you've displayed its potential for humor, very clever and laugh out loud funny. Enjoyed it much.

  9. Hi, Rob Kistner here. This is a piece well written, engaging – good work… mine is here:

  10. The lighter, hungrier side of the villanelle. Smiles.

  11. Humorous write on a story I know well. I used to wonder, as a child, how on earth one man could possibly complete such a task. Now, I know 🙂

  12. This is fun and so whimsical, like right off the tip of your mind…. thanks

  13. visual and beautiful rock.Hello, how are you?Hope all is well.What a thrill to land in your island of poetry with such lovely talent show.Please check out poets rally week 51 today.A free verse, a Haiku, or a poem of your choice is welcome.We are all about freedom of writing, disciplines, and positive mingling.Hope to see you be part of our community.Happy Thursday.BEST!xoxox


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