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A rondel for those with tire tracks across their backs… (and anyone wearing a yellow jersey).



I am not a sociopath,
I don’t give a rip what you say
about me. So what, when you play
with me you want to take a bath?

I’m your friend, but you’ll feel my wrath
If you EVER get in my way,
I don’t give a rip what you say.
I am not a sociopath,

I am a hero. Do the math:
the money I raised since the day
I was diagnosed will outweigh
any lives I’ve crushed on this path.
I am not a sociopath!



The truth about Klondikes


My latest listener commentary for our local NPR station, WVPE.  True confessions of just where I draw the line on telling the truth to our children…

Click here to listen.


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