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Midnight on the beach

Moon-struck and laughing
Upon that distant strand
We left a trail of cotton
Leading to the water’s edge.
The sea breathless
In anticipation
We waded hands joined
Into the knowing surf
Giddy at our
Most improper daring
Startled by the shock
Of salt on skin
Then awed and
Suddenly uneasy
At the depths before
Our naked innocence.

The meaning of "No"

I can’t
You’re wrong
She’s hiding
Let go
It’s mine
I’m full
It’s awful
Too salty
You’re only thirteen
I’m infectious
Too far
Too late
Too big
It’s sticky
It’s hideous
I’m pregnant
My head hurts
It’s too much
Do you know how much one of those things eats when it’s full-grown?!
Wrong color
Bad grammar
Too showy
Too dowdy
Too baggy
Way too skimpy
Are you insane?
It’s illegal
It’s immoral
It’s Sunday!
It’s my body
Don’t do that
I don’t like it
I said stop

What part of
Don’t you understand?

Fresh picked

There is no time to waste
This ripe fruit is so lush
And sweet upon the tongue
Tomorrow will be too late
Come and eat it

First date

Silence is golden
The sales guy told us
That rarefied air of anticipation
Waiting for a response
Your mind turns anxious cartwheels
While your eyes become
Limpid pools of calm
Inviting trust and confidence
You can take that step
You won’t regret it
Says every fiber of your
Midnight-still being
And then you hold your tongue
Until they submit.

And so you wait
Pondering zen-like
With a thin stream trickling
Between your shoulder blades
Was it too strong or too much
Did I seem weak or ineffectual
And why isn’t she responding?
She meets your gaze
Amused and self-assured
Sips her drink and raises
One exquisite eyebrow
And then you realize
In your ill-judged
Effort to impress
You have spent the past half hour
Calling her by the wrong first name.

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